Since 2016, we have been developing and launching successful fashion brands. Guiding designers, creating collections, nurturing students, executing marketing plans, PR campaigns, brand collaborations and making relations in the US, and now we are happy to announce our permanent office in LA and Colorado. The international expansion has added immense value to our existing clientele, opening doors for continued marketing and PR campaigns and facilitating wholesale opportunities.



+ Rapidly scale your business

+ Tap into new markets, by wholesaling in USA

+ Have a person on the ground if you are unable to travel

And that’s why we’re so excited to share this with you… so you can see these results in your business too! With direct support, encouragement, and advice tailored just for you, Jodie and the team from The New Garde will accelerate your journey to business freedom. The success you’ve been dreaming of can be yours… without the exhaustion, loneliness, and overwhelm of the unknown!

…. but Is NOW really a good time to consider launching your brand in USA? Are you concerned with the Australian Dollar? worried that you may not have sales success?

Three reasons why you should put those worries aside:

+ The AUD is not great – which works in our favour – all billing is done through our Australian office and purchasing from a USA point of view means that Australian labels are very affordable to buyers.

+ It takes 6-24 months to launch a new fashion brand. From sourcing to product development to building an audience, you need time to align with northern hemisphere timelines and now you have time. – we take at least 6 months to prepare  – there’s no jumping in blind.

+ We determine which areas of USA are suited and develope a strategy and execution plan well before committing. We also ensure that expenses are inline with claiming for an export marketing grant so that half you’re expenses are returned to you as cash each financial year.


Do you want cash back from expenses associated with overseas marketing?  Bring your brand and product to the market in the USA with activities that will qualify you for a grant – we work closely with EMDG firms to ensure you recieve the maximum returns from the Australian Govt

Our team can detail and perform these claimable expenses:

  • Runway showcase managment
  • Trade show management
  • Established relationships with key buyers
  • Include your products with celebrity gifting 
  • Showroom space that can be utilised for private or rep showings
  • Social media management including ads
  • Videography and photography

Contact us about how you can recoup marketing costs via grants


The New Garde is a marketing and product development agency (encompassing Design, Development, Production and PR/Marketing) for the fashion industry. We work closely with brands in a practical and in person (or online) way to deliver end to end effeciencies. Let us take the pain of chasing up contractors and multiple freelancers so you can focus on where you’re taking your brand!



Fashion Design

Tech and spec packs
Range planning
Production planning



Business planning

Branding foundation
Defining your target market
Goal setting and measuring growth
Preparation for funding




PR and media preparation
Marketing strategy
Social media content & plan
Runway / stockist preparation


Together, we’ll get your garments and accessories in-market and in front of fashion savvy customers. Fully accredited with established industry and
government connections, when you work with us, you’ll know you’re in the right fashion house.