Since it inception in 2015, The New Garde has become known for championing new creative talent and breaking down the barriers of entry for fashion graduates and new emerging designers becoming the place for all designers to develop their creations and the destination of choice for a fashion forward audience.

Collaboration and Innovation

We champion new creative talent and showcase their collections while presenting you the customer with a unique interaction and insight into people, brands and shopping to fulfil all of your fashion needs.

Here’s how it works: As a designer, you bring the big ideas, we’ll provide the support, collaboration and innovation needed to help your brand grow. We work collaboratively with a network of  stylists, photographers, marketers, graphic designers, and manufacturers to ensure we save you time and money when launching or scaling up your brand.

Best part about being at The New Garde? You’re surrounded by support! There’s our fearless leader and all round inspirational boss lady, Jodie Hilton, who is an absolute genius at business development, branding, marketing. Then there’s the inhouse creatives, who have all experienced the same frustrations and pitfalls as you and can offer their guidance, tips and tricks on how to survive in today’s fashion industry.

We think our studio is awesome – now it’s time to check it out for yourself.

 Are you a good fit for The New Garde?

  • We want those who dream of a career in fashion and who want to design with integrity and a social and political awareness.
  • We want to make an impact dedicated to improving design through quality craftsmanship, training and accessibility by providing an opportunity for career metamorphosis through vocational and leadership training for new and young designers.

3 Reasons why you are a good fit for The New Garde

Recently graduated? Re-entering the fashion scene? Or need to guidance with your label? Help your brand flourish and connect with vital parts of the fashion ecosystem at The New Garde. Here are three ways how being part of our co-working studio can cut the cost and stress of running a fashion label in half.

  1. Surrounded by a team that practically (but gently) forces collaboration, it’s impossible not to innovate and learn from the expertise of your fellow designers. Where one designer might have stunning illustration skills, another can share their skills on Tech Packs, or how to formulate your marketing plan.
  2. With real time feedback available on your development and collections, The New Garde can provide you with “the edge” to take your brand to the next level.
  3. Your membership provides you with the opportunity to work with business and talent outside of your specialisation and access to graduate and professional mentorship programs. At The New Garde, you’ll be able to further your brand in a way that your home office or google never could.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can reduce your creative strain and overheads and scale up your brand.

What to expect:

The New Garde is a go-to destination for emerging fashion labels. We offer a vibrant network of industry specialists including pattern makers, illustrators and machinists, as well as fashion-specific marketing partners and graphic designers that nuture new brands and activate graduate designers via an in house fashion label +New Garde

The New Garde is focused on connecting the start up fashion scene from the ground up by supporting, mentoring and inspiring local designers and creatives. Be prepared to meet people that will instantly want to work with you and support your business, and expect to learn fast and discover better ways of doing business to save you time and money. Most of all, we offer access to resources that are not typically available to small independent labels.

Our Dream?

A sustainable fashion ecosystem. An environment that creates fashion that is protecting and actively promoting excellent craftsmanship, not showmanship. Where clothes are designed with integrity and designers can discover their voice and vision.

Designers of The New Garde are people that are experimental or innovative, particularly with respect to art, culture and politics. Our medium is fashion. We champion new creative talent and validate those that are starting out by connecting new designers to support from other parts of the fashion ecosystem.

Running your own business can be isolating and expensive. Save that money on overheads and invest for as little as $30 a day to be a part of our creative mob!



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