For the past 4 years, we’ve helped over 40 fashion graduates to bring their graduate collections to life. During this time we’ve seen our fair share of ambition. Those graduates are faced with the daunting task of applying for jobs in the fashion industry and rely on their graduate collections to get their foot in the door to fashion industry entry-level interviews.

So what’s involved with a student / agency relationship and why is it so important to get it right, right now?

Most students find it difficult to find reputable pattern makers or sample machinists to produce their new designs and need to invest with skilled makers that understand the full scope of a fashion brand’s needs from design and development, sourcing and manufacturing, marketing and promotion. Some students opt for home sewers or independent contractors which are typically more expensive and sometimes can take less responsibility to deliver. Most students have a classmate who has had their dreams and efforts shattered because of a breakdown in communication, poor handover process or the maker accidentally underquoted and won’t even finish the styles, handing them back as ill-fitting, unfinished abominations.

What you should look for

  • A team of specialists from the fashion industry in one place
  • People that understand the brand inline with the target market
  • Request a premium production-ready pattern and sample don’t forget the fine details and finishes
  • Request a toile if the style is making your patternmaker anxious
  • Action clear communication and a paper trail
  • Previous work – Professional products or examples produced by them
  • A guaranteed quote that includes communication time, toiling if required, pattern, sample, and a fitting before completion (make sure there are no surprises at the end)

So why do fashion students come to us?
Students work with us because we positioned ourselves as a proactive industry partner who can carry out the full scope of support required to champion their vision and commercial output. Never exceeding quotes and adding more value where possible. Production-ready pattern, production-ready samples for photography.  Model fittings before completion of garments, communication via email and text. The convenience to work with the studio team who have decades of experience.

To get started
We implement a comprehensive handover process and milestone meetings so that we could manage the project together. Our development strategy focused on working through tech packs and making slight adjustments that would result in saving time / money and in some respects better aesthetic outcomes

  • Handover with Product Developer
  • Construction direction from patternmaker
  • Pre Production Sample created
  • In-house fittings to ensure correct fit

With a tech pack in-hand, we map out the execution phase which included crafting a digital workflow plan, assigning the team to milestone deadlines, patternmaking to cardboard, producing a toile then sampling the final garment.

  1. Inhouse patternmaking
  2. pre-production sampling
  3. Fitting and adjustments

Most of the graduate students we work with are concerned about not feeling confident enough to clearly communicate with the industry or are scared of making mistakes. Often they wonder “Will I get a job if I took this collection to an interview” and “How can I truly show employers what I can achieve?” When working with a team who has patience and good communication, those concerns dissipateThankfully when they leave our studio with their styles in hand they are assured their styles are made well and to a professional standard which will help them stand out from the rest in any interview scenario!

Do you need to execute your graduate collections to a high level to take your job applications to the next level?

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