And so it begins… the conversations of work wife commentary within the start up fashion tech world.

In an era when we’re surrounded by the #Girlboss attitude and the rise of the insta-famous fempreneur revolution we bring you the girls that hurl at the sound of it!

Designers and real-life work wives Jodie Hilton and Emma Howchin are putting their own candid conversations straight from their desks to your ears—tackling everything from start up fashion industry issues to farts. (Yes, farts, stop pretending you don’t talk about it, too.)

Every Friday, Jodie and Emma, along with The New Garde staff and special guests, will tackle fashion and start up topics –from empowering new designers to tackling day to day issues of a lean start up. Oh! And why it feels so fucking good to curse. And with some pop culture references along the way. (The 80’s and the Kroll show.) It’s so good, iTunes gave it a Parental Advisory.

Intro and Outro music by Anthony Duffy.

#TNGWORKWIVES  |  @the_new_garde